Mixers, Tenderisers and Flatteners

We stock a range of meat mixers, tenderisers and flatteners from Glass, a market-leading manufacturer. Since being established in 1970, Glass have been providing high-quality and innovative solutions to the meat processing industry; they were among the first to build stainless steel food equipment.

Glass remains committed to customer-focused solutions today. All of their products are manufactured in-house and with optimum hygiene and quality in mind.

The company have recently installed a fully functional food grade demonstration centre. Any of their machines can be operated in the demo space with the customer’s own product to assist with process development.

While they started out producing small units for traditional craft butchers in Germany, Glass now caters for large-scale, complex processing lines across various industries. Their comprehensive range of food mixing equipment is suitable for high-care applications.

Mixers, Tenderisers and Flatteners Sections: