Yield & Performance Audits

We have worked hard to develop the knowledgeable, experienced and customer focused CES Processing and Equipment Specialists that we have today, which provide an invaluable service to our customers. They are all from your industry and regularly visit international meat and food businesses, international suppliers and manufacturers of meat and food solutions, and are kept up to date with the latest, cutting edge technology, equipment and consumables.  Every day they work towards creating added value to our relationship by developing new products and benefits, making existing products work better or finding better ways for you and your business to save money.

You told us a long time ago that you don't have much time nowadays and that you want to be shown how to save money and create more profit in an efficient and easy to understand way. You don't want to be sold to. You want to be shown in a professional and objective way, why doing things another way or buying something new, will save you more money.

You also said that when you make a change, you want to make sure that the original benefits from doing so were commercially achievable in the long term. We listened to this many years ago and that's why CES has always operated an audit based, factual reporting and clear return on investment model that stands up to scrutiny and can be trusted. You can rely on the information and it's always proven!

Whether butchery consumables, technical PPE or a meat/food processing line, our specialists can regularly audit your current situation and report back on where they think they can save money, making a difference to your bottom line. If they can't, you have received a health check from a specialist free of charge!

Why not book a free of charge audit from our specialists to see how they can help you save money. Please call our customer service team on 01772 458400 or contact us by clicking here.