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A staple of the versoVAC range, the versoCLIP is an integrated system that facilitates on-line, post mortem cattle clipping.
Dirty cattle are a reality for most beef processors, particularly in the winter months. However, the traditional method of clipping in the lairage results in compromised animal welfare, meat quality, and operator safety.
The versoCLIP represents a more effective and accessible solution. It features an integrated vacuum nozzle, designed to remove debris as it clips thus minimising airborne particles and cross-contamination risks. The hair is then removed to a sealed collection vessel for safe disposal.
- It can be used with pneumatic or electric clippers and can be mounted on fixed or rise and fall platforms.
- The benefits of a system designed specifically for your requirements include
- Increased operator safety by post mortem clipping
- Reduced risks to meat quality from stressed animals
- Cleaner carcasses due to easier access to all cut lines and contamination

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