UV Light – The Clean, Dry & Safe Sanitising Solution

The VersoCLEANSE Tunnel uses ultraviolet light to sanitise and disinfect food, packaging and tools. As items pass through the stainless-steel housing, a series of highly efficient state-of-the-art lamps emit ultraviolet light at a very specific frequency on the ‘C spectrum’. Any microbes and contaminants like bacteria or mould spores are destroyed in a matter of seconds when exposed to the light and can no longer reproduce and spread, leaving the product clean and safe for further processing or consumption.

Unlike traditional methods of disinfection, ultraviolet light is extremely efficient and does not require the use of any chemicals or sprays, providing several unique benefits:

  • No chemicals or sprays required
  • Safe, fast & dry application
  • Low operation & energy costs
  • Ideal for use in high-care environments

The VersoCLEANSE UV Tunnel is available exclusively from Cutting Edge and manufactured to meet your individual specifications and requirements.

Full installation, maintenance and servicing options are provided with the machine.

How Does it Work?


The VersoCLEANSE is highly versatile and perfectly suitable for use on fresh meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, packaging and even RTE (Ready To Eat) products. The in-feed belt features variable speed settings, allowing it to be loaded manually or configured into a production line. The belt carries the items into the stainless-steel tunnel ready to be sanitised.


As products pass through the stainless-steel tunnel, specialised lamps subject any surface contaminants to ultraviolet light. The number of lamps and the tunnel itself are fabricated to your unique specifications, allowing for a wide range of applications and even 360° surface area decontamination. The lamps are configured by our experts to emit c-spectrum ultraviolet light which is highly effective at destroying harmful bacteria and microbes at a molecular level, without having any effects on the product.


The sanitising process is effective immediately, destroying 90% of harmful bacteria like e-coli, listeria and salmonella within 0.1 seconds. After passing through the tunnel, the freshly sanitised products will maintain their appearance for longer, and have a greatly reduced chance of spoilage from surface contaminants and mould.


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