UVC Water Disinfection Systems

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UVC Water Disinfection Systems
Our UVC Water Disinfection Systems aims to disinfect water using ultra-violet technology. Technical process water is just as much a hygiene focus as foodstuff water. For example, microorganisms find ideal growing conditions in the "washing out" of airborne matter in re-circulating spray humidifiers, cooling towers and many other processes using water and its storage. Chemical disinfectants produce a number of undesirable side effects, for instance, changes in the surface tension of the medium, general corrosion phenomena, foaming and odour formation. By means of a simple and very effective method, transparent and watery media can be disinfected with sterilAir ultra-violet immersion, through flow and flatbed systems.

- Increased shelf life, reduced spoilage and increased profit.
- Water safety – enhanced food safety.
- Simple construction and cost-effective to use.
- Easy replacement of parts and save costs.
- High-quality components– reliability and low cost of ownership.
Cutting Edge and sterilAir can create the UVC system required to achieve the results you need.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and let our experts find the correct solution for you.

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