UVC Air Space Decontamination System

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UVC Air Space Decontamination System
Our UVC Air Decontamination System uses ultra-violet technology to keep employees safe and healthy at work. UVC works by drastically reducing the volume of contaminants/contagions in the working environment. For food processing, general industry, pharmaceutical and medical applications.

- Recycles air and disinfects/decontaminates - viruses, bacteria, moulds, algae's and general contagions.
- Elegant and aesthetic design with very low noise levels - flexible, can be used anywhere.
- Low cost of ownership - save costs.
- Can be used in conjunction with timers, motion sensors and cut-outs for evening cycles, etc and flexible.
- Reduce contamination and contagion - saves costs.

Suitable for:
- Work canteens and restrooms.
- Laboratories.
- Offices and common room space.
- Medical environments - practice waiting rooms, procedure areas.

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