Pesutekno TUHTI Medium Capacity Sanitising Machine

Pesutekno TUHTI Medium Capacity Sanitising Machine
The Pesutekno TUHTI is a fully enclosed sanitising cabinet designed to clean and disinfect knives, chainmail gloves/aprons, slicer/cutter blades, cutting board and processing machine parts.

- Total disinfection on every cycle.
- No pre-cleaning necessary, load the machine straight from the line.
- Short, Medium & Full-cycle programmes to suit your business needs.
- Procedures can be written into your Quality Management System.
- A 'focal point' of your hygiene and knife control systems for mandatory and customer audits.
- Total equipment hygiene and peace of mind.
- Guaranteed hold above the required sanitising temperature of 82 degC.
- Certified calibration to comply with BRC audit requirements.
- Up to 24 operators equipment sanitised per cycle.

- The market-leading solution for food industry washing, disinfection, cleaning and sanitising of knives, steels and chainmail gloves & aprons

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Subject: 70PE-TUHTI Pesutekno TUHTI Medium Capacity Sanitising Machine

Item Code: 70PE-TUHTI