Supersecuri Stunning Testing Device

Supersecuri Stunning Testing Device

EU 1099/2009 dictates that every captive bolt pistol used in a stunning operation must be working efficiently. The simplest way to achieve this is to confirm that the forward speed of the bolt exceeds the minimum set by the manufacturer for a given grade of cartridge.

As part of a Cutting Edge managed stunner programme, we recommend the Matador Super Securitest. Designed by Termet, the device measures the performance of Matador pistols and provides a numerical result to compare against optimum values. This guarantees both compliance and reduced costs as you can schedule maintenance in a more economical manner.

With the test result showing the speed of the bolt, you can accurately gauge how many more shots can be fired before maintenance is required. Downtime and mis-stuns are reduced as the Matador pistol guarantees a consistent performance throughout an entire shift.

The Supersecuritest is very simple to use and testing takes under one minute. Not only does it offer complete peace of mind but also regulatory compliance and cost efficiency.

Our product specialists are available to provide full operator training and develop a maintenance plan based on your Matador usage as part of a comprehensive installation process.

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Minimum pin stroke speed (for a properly maintained Matador):

- Black cartridges: 50 m/s

- Red cartridges: 48 m/s

-Blue cartridges : 45 m/s

Energy released:

- Black cartridges: 430 Joules ±10%

- Red cartridges: 400 Joules ±10%

- Blue cartridges : 360 Joules ±10%

European Machinery Directive - 2006/42/EC

Welfare of Animals at time of slaughter – 2009/1099/EC

Articles in contact with Food – 2004/1935/EC

Guide to Cartridges:

Black Cartridges - For animals that weigh more than 900kg – Bulls, Oxen and Young Beef (in exceptional conditions).

Red Cartridges - General Usage – Bulls (under 3 years old), Oxen, Young Beef, Cow and Heifer.

Blue Cartridges – For animals that weigh less than 450Kg – Cow, Small Heifer, Veal and Pigs.

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Subject: 55TS-3002 Supersecuri Stunning Testing Device

Item Code: 55TS-3002