Statement from Cutting Edge chairman, Dave Mook

December 2019 sees the closing chapter of Cutting Edge's 'Horizon 2020' three-year strategic plan.  During this time, the business has made great strides with the forming of exciting new partnerships and significant growth of our customer base.

The business has also faced numerous challenges, but through a strong team, long-standing partnerships and a robust portfolio, Cutting Edge heads into its next chapter with a solid foundation and the promise of a successful 2020 and beyond.

Following the departure of our Managing Director, Sam Tinsley, I shall be steering our strategic aims into 2020, devoting significant time and attention into driving further growth and success.

Cutting Edge is aligned and functioning well, with only some minor tweaks required to ensure we are in the most efficient position possible to tackle the challenging but realistic programme we have set for 2020.

Dave Mook