A Cutting Edge Solution

At Cutting Edge, we like to help our clients get the most out of their equipment. That’s why we offer a whole knife management service to ensure our blades are always sharp, clean and effective.

The Process

The process is simple: used knives are collected from our clients’ doors and replaced with freshly sharpened ones. The used equipment is then transported to our Edge Centre where it undergoes inspection, disinfection and a unique hollow grind process. A final quality check ensures each blade is laser-etched with a tracking number, ready to be dispatched once again.

1. Fresh knives are delivered & the used knives are collected

2. The knives are returned to our specialist Edge Centre

3. The knives are inspected and prepared with a unique hollow grind process

4. The knives are then disinfected & etched with a unique tracking number

The Benefits

  • Improved production-line efficiency and yields.
  • Consistent quality and superb sharpness of blades.
  • Huge cost savings over buying and sharpening your own blades.
  • Expert training and auditing included in the service.
  • Wide range of blades and handle colours to suit your needs.


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