Sharpening Service

Sharpening Service

Here at Cutting Edge we know a thing or two about edges and sharpness. It's where our business started and even now over 80% of our product lines and services are edge related.

At the heart of your food/meat business are machinery sharp edges that should work at excellent performance levels to give you high yields, high speed, safety and the product quality you and your customers expect. Poor edges or neglected edges will impact on your profits!

Our purpose built sharpening centre utilises tried and tested and state of the art technology to provide sharp edges for all blade formats found in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Headed up by an experienced “Edgeology” team, our Sharpening Services makes sure that you maximise your businesses performance where sharp edges are required. The quality of our sharpening service is very important to you and us. That's why all our processes are woven into our  ISO 9001:2008 and BRC procedures.

Blade types include machine knives, carcass blades, all types of slicer blades, Grasselli slicer blades, involute blades, saw blades, circular blades (red meat and poultry) mincer/grinder plates & knives, scissors, Whizard trimmer blades, curved blades and many more.

Our experienced Edge Specialists and Area Managers are highly knowledgeable about machine edge sharpness and will provide advice on performance and quality within one off or long term sharpening agreements for your sharp edges.

Call us for a quote or to arrange for a visit from one of our experienced Edge Specialists.

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