Siebeck S-Series General Purpose Tyers

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Siebeck S-Series General Purpose Tyers
Also known as stringers and tyers, these non-food bundling, stringing and tying machines are used for dry product applications. Utilises the well-proven Siebeck Jet knotting unit with thousands in use worldwide. Provides a securely tied package using polyethylene, cotton or elastic twine with a quick and easy operation, ideal for any packing application.

- Easy to use with simple foot pedal operation.
- Frees up skilled staff for more cost-effective processing.
- reduces costs.
- Up to 50 strings/min delivers unbeatable throughput - increases profits.
- 1,2,3, or Cross String options for maximum flexibility.
- Variable string tension for optimum package shape.
- Compact and mobile - can be used anywhere with standard 3 pin socket.
- Compatible with numerous twines to suit different products.
- All machines are supplied with complete with full installation and training package from industry professionals backed up by free product advice and free training for the life of the machine

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Subject: 60SI-S42EN Siebeck S-Series General Purpose Tyers

Item Code: 60SI-S42EN