PAD Processing

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PAD Processing

The Whizard Trimmer is widely used in all species PAD applications; the machine provides unique benefits to the end user on reducing labour and increasing primal yield.

Offering a faster performance than a knife, the Whizard trimmer produces a clean presentation and increases yield significantly. Used in conjunction with the Grasselli PAD skinners the Whizard trimmer can be used pre and post PAD skinning and for final QC inspection.

We also prove the return on investment and have an in-depth knowledge of your business and products so we can supply you with the right tool and the right information.

- Utilise un-skilled labour- we supply the training for the operatives.

- Increase yield and productivity on primal yields.

- Beef PAD primal trimming.

- Pork PAD primal trimming.

- Lamb PAD primal trimming.

- Widely used In conjunction with Grasselli PAD skinners to provide the complete solution.

Yield Specialists

All of the range of machines are backed up with an installation and training for a Yield and productivity specialist with numerous years of experience in the food industry. Our experience your profit

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