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Knife Service

Our Knife Service helps meat and food processors to increase profits and lower operating costs.

Producing and keeping a sharp edge on a knife is a skilled operation that many don't master in a lifetime, let alone the short induction periods that all types of processors require.

Twenty years ago, meat companies told us that they would like to concentrate on cutting the meat with razor sharp knives but didn't want the hassle and cost of sharpening them centrally, or the problems associated with letting staff do it themselves.

The Cutting Edge Knife Service grew phenomenally because of these early market needs, which are more relevant today than ever due to the reduction in skill levels and increase in staff turnover.

At our purpose built Edge Centre, each knife is processed within a multi stage, quality controlled procedure, that ensures the right edge for our customer is produced.  Different levels of service are also available from a menu of options so all particular needs are met.

A dedicated team carefully manages every customer’s specific requirements. We provide support out in the field by our Edge Specialists who visit sites, train operatives in correct edge maintenance and make sure that every possible benefit is gained from using the service.

The Cutting Edge Knife Service is of great benefit for those businesses that want sharp edges out sourced and want to take advantage of lower skill levels.

Meat, vegetables, fruit and any kind of processing that involves hand knives and blades will benefit from our Knife Service.

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