Grasselli C35PF Compact Open Top Fish Skinner

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Grasselli C35PF Compact Open Top Fish Skinner

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The Grasselli C35PF is a compact fish skinner has a working width of 350mm. It facilitates the effective removal of fish skin, thus providing high yields and product throughput. 

- Ideal for small to medium processors, fish mongers, smokeries and artisan fishery producers
- Handles all species from tough ray applications to fine skinned delicates
- Unique tooth roller and machine configuration for high fish skinning yields
- High speed toothroller gives excellent production rates
- Unique depth control lever to produce thick or thin skin - maximum yield
- All parts remain attached to the unit for cleaning, eliminating the risk of lost or damaged parts, saving both time and money
- Integrated water jet system constantly cleans the tooth roller. This improves grip and ensures high yields and uninterrupted production
- Fully stainless steel construction and waterproof for this adverse environment - durable
- All motors and parts are easily accessible for simple maintenance
- CE and USDA certified

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