Glass VSM Gentle Mixer

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Glass VSM Gentle Mixer

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Slow speed mixer with unique folding action for gentle mixing or marinating of delicate or sensitive products. Specially designed for high care applications but suitable for use in all areas. Full drum scraper prevents damage and maximises yield. Programmable controller with speed, time and pause functions. Unique folding action offers significantly reduced mixing time. Various mixer arm configurations for product specific action.
Ergonomic design and jogging function for easy loading and unloading. Unique hygienic seal arrangement for unrivalled hygiene access
Meat, poultry, marinating, Sandwich fillings, coleslaw, Pasta pots - potato salad,Fruit, vegetable blends, dips, dressings , Dairy products - dry blends, Confectionery
Additional equipment options:

Two sided operation with dual controls and off-set axis for low level easy loading.

Automatic electrical tilting of drum for ease of use.

Automatic hydraulic lid opening, closing and locking.

Automatic loading with lift loader.

PLC control fully programmable with storage for up to 99 individual recipes.

Integrated vacuum pump.

Direct Steam Heating.

Cooling Jackets.

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Subject: 75GS-VSM Glass VSM Gentle Mixer

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