Siebeck Flat Tunnel Chicken Trussing Machine

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Siebeck Flat Tunnel Chicken Trussing Machine

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The Siebeck Flat Table Tunnel Chicken Trussing Machine is designed to maximise work-place productivity and provide an excellent trussed finish for poultry products. Manufactured entirely from stainless-steel, the Siebeck Trussing Machine offers excellent durability and features wear-free AC Servomotors with a selector switch for 1, 2, 3, 4 cross and continuous tying. With a revolutionary trussing mechanism the machine offers excellent efficiency for high volume processing with capacity of up to 63 strings tied per minute. To reduce downtime and boost productivity, the Trussing Machine also features a large bobbin design to improve the speed of twine changeovers.
The knotting unit and ring automatically resets while the Smart Motion Controller is complete with LED displays for quick and simple operation. The machine offers excellent hygiene standards with an interlocked removable catch tray to prevent deposits, residue and product scraps from contaminating the machine or the working area.
Simple and efficient, uniform tying of poultry legs
Reduced downtime between twine changeovers
Highly durable and hygienic design

Item Code: 60I-CHICKEN

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