Slicing, Portioning and Yield Control Systems

At Cutting Edge we understand how important it is to have consistency across your business and products that is why we closely work with Grasselli who have some of the best slicing, portioning and yield control systems in the business. Grasselli have been manufacturing the world's most innovative fresh meat slicers for over 25 years. From slicing systems to portioning systems Grasselli have always focused on high slice quality, fresh, un-tempered and difficult to slice chicken or red meat. Grasselli have always built a solution that is simple in design and cutting edge in performance.

Recent developments are constant/fixed weight slicing, transverse slicing, splitting/butterflying, in line slicing and fully automated target packing lines for fresh product. Plus new compact slicers and tenderisers for case ready, food service or supermarket applications.

Slicing, Portioning and Yield Control Systems Sections: