Spinal Cord Systems

Under European law, spinal cords are classified as Specified Risk Materials (SRM) and are thus strictly prohibited from entering the food chain. They must be removed from the spinal cavity at the earliest opportunity.

At Cutting Edge, we offer a versatile spinal cord removal system.

Cutting Edge VersoVAC – an application specific vacuum system with specially designed nozzle assembly.

The modular compatible component design means you only have to buy the elements you need. We can supply a full system, a handpiece and control valve, a replacement vacuum pump or just a vacuum nozzle that can replace any part of your existing system.

The automated systems features a nozzle and control valve design that sucks the removed spinal cord into an enclosed collection vessel. This effectively prevents SRM from falling onto the slaughter line floor.

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)