We distribute meat breaking saws on behalf of the marker-leaders, Schmid and Wezel.

Founded in 1919, Schmid and Wezel have been producing world class and unique hand tools for over 90 years. In the thirties, they created the EFA range of slaughtering and butchery tools starting with a mobile beef carcass de-hider that was used by the German army during wartime!

Today, the ISO9001 EFA factory is a state-of-the-art, modern manufacturing business that places quality and customer support at its core. Their comprehensive stock includes; breaking saws, scribe saws, carcass splitters, carcass bandsaw splitters, cutters, clippers, de-hiders and hand-held skinners. Schmid and Wezel products are unrivalled in terms of durability and quality.

Both electric and air powered units are available in a range of blade sizes and configurations..

Lightweight and heavy-duty models are available for;

  • Scribing - primal cutting and rib removal
  • Breaking - quartering of carcasses
  • Trimming - cutting bone to make trimming to specification easier

Let our dedicated and specialist hand tools team show you how EFA can reduce costs, increase yield and maximise efficiency in your business.