Trimming & Cutting Hand Tools

Meat trimming applications play a huge part in your business and choosing the right trimming applications can be tricky. We have tried and tested the best in the business. And Bettcher came out top.

Bettcher Whizard Trimmers provide solutions for almost every conceivable trimming application for meat, poultry, seafood and even vegetables. They deliver more yield, more productivity for your plants bottom line. Many of the most popular applications are shown below. Click on the one that interests you the most for more information. Please remember that Whizard Trimmers can be used in almost every situation within your production processes, just ask if you don’t see your application or your idea. 

The above benefits are not just claims. They're facts that get proven every day ... in dozens of different trimming applications in hundreds of processing plants in the UK, Ireland and worldwide.

Cutting Edge's trimmer product specialists never leave you alone, from that first enquiry and right throughout the life of the machine, making sure you get the maximum benefits that you purchased it for, day in, day out. Many of the most popular applications are shown below - click on the one that interests you most for more information. All Whizard models are available in either Electric or Pneumatic versions - the benefits of both systems are also explained below.

A member of the CES team will be happy to assist you on any queries you may have on any of the meat trimming applications. 

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