UVC Disinfection

UVC disinfection systems are used to inactivate all known food spoilage such as microorganisms including bacteria, mould spores, yeasts and food pathogens like viruses. Ultra Violet (UV) Technology has been used by us for thousands of years for preservation and only in recent times did the scientists Downes and Blunt discover in 1878 that micro-organisms do not reproduce when exposed to direct sunlight.  After this discovery, it took some time before the correlation between a specific wavelength and the maximum micro-organism reaction was recognised at precise nanometer (nm) wavelengths of light. Hence the birth of UVC Technology - Short Wavelength UV.

sterilAir have had a worldwide market presence since 1939 and are leaders in the development and manufacturing of UVC disinfection devices and components. SterilAir and Cutting Edge's specific skills are in solution-orientated hygiene concepts that are tailor-made to the requirements of individual customers.

The environmentally friendly sterilAir-UVC technology is primarily used for the disinfection of air, surfaces, food and fluids in the food industry plus other applications in air-conditioning equipment, laboratories, workplaces, medicine and livestock breeding.

UVC is effective against bacteria, viruses, mould, algae in meat/food processing environments – slaughter, butchery, processing, chilling, storage and food decontamination itself.

With 70 years of practical application and very happy customers, we are always able to find solutions for each and every customer problem.

UVC can be used to disinfect/decontaminate food stuff and does not have to be labelled as so. The main benefits for a food producer from using UVC Technology are:

  • Increased shelf life, reduced spoilage – increased profit
  • Reduced customer returns - increased profit
  • Reduced customer complaints– save costs
  • Reduced bacterial contamination - guaranteed better product/food safety – reduced risk/increased profit
  • Effective for all types of micro-organisms, including bacteria, viruses, algae, moulds fungi and protozoa – flexible
  • Reduce costs and risks of traditional/existing disinfection methods – increased profit
  • Reduce costs of existing preservative methods – increased profits
  • UVC will prevent bacterial/viral resilience found in other methods – highly effective and peace of mind
  • Safe for the environment – cost saving
  • Easy to use – cost saving
  • Low cost of ownership – increased profit

Cutting Edge and sterilAir UVC Technology and UVC sterilAir disinfection systems is a safe, highly effective and low cost method of reducing cost and increasing profits in your business. Significant reductions and sometimes complete elimination of contamination is achieved in many cases, especially with surface disinfection on moving conveyors where contamination can be high.

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