sterilAir Food & Packaging Disinfection Systems

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sterilAir Food & Packaging Disinfection Systems

Our Food & Packaging Disinfection Systems provide in-line decontamination and disinfection of food, packaging and containers.

Benefits include;

- Increased shelf life, reduced spoilage – increased profit
- Reduced customer returns - increased profit
- Reduced customer complaints– save costs
- Reduced costs vs existing method – save costs

Cutting Edge can provide bespoke systems for food processors who need to reduce contamination and increase their profits. Common areas are:

- Meat and food containers.
- Thermoforming films and product packaging
- Any product contact machinery/conveyor system that has a process return and needs to be disinfected in line
- At risk (of spoilage/safety) food products – poultry, mince, lamb, pork, beef, fish, fruit, vegetables

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