Equipment & Services Specialist

CES is not just a great place to order world leading consumables and services for your food business. Its also a supplier that makes sure you get the most out of what you purchase from us.

Our highly trained team of area managers and edge specialists are experts in all we do. Matching products to your exact needs and not what we have in the warehouse is our first principle.

From our customer service team, to our area managers, we might question what you say you want sometimes. We don't apologise for this, it's only us trying help you save money and ensuring you are using the right product for your needs at the lowest cost.

When you are using the right product or service, our second principle is to make sure you buy as little of it as you can. We want your costs to be the lowest and that means helping you make it last longer or work better.

Whether that being training for the users, training on applications or specialist advice, our teams are always available to make sure you get the maximum from your CES products.

Audits can be undertaken to precisely understand your consumable, PPE and service needs. Our specialists can highlight where improvements and cost savings can be made. CES regularly tailor make complete supply packages to drive costs out of your business whilst always ensuring that the right quality and the highest service level is maintained.

One invoice, one point of contact, the right products at the right time, supported by industry specialists and one high quality BRC approved supplier who's core focus is your industry. That's CES and we truly understand your needs.

Why not book a free, no obligation audit today? Please call our customer service team on 01772 458400 or contact us by clicking here.