Edge Specialist

Edge Specialist

Our business is built around the quality and professionalism of our people, our products and our customer service and we work hard to preserve that. It is no coincidence that sharpness is where our business started over 25 years ago and even now, over 80% of our product lines and services are edge related.

Knowledge acquired throughout the history of our company also gives us an in depth understanding about how sharp edges can affect your business. To deliver the high speeds, yields, safety and product quality you and your customers require, you need all of your machine and hand tool edges to be razor sharp.

The purpose built Edge Centre at our Head Office in Chorley utilises tried, tested and state of the art technology to provide sharp edges for many blade formats found in the UK, Ireland and Europe. You also have the peace of mind that all processes are part of our BRC and ISO 9001:2008 quality systems.

The direct link between what you need and Cutting Edge providing it for you, are our Edge Specialists, who are experienced and highly trained to provide solutions for all applications and support our sharp edge services.

Our Edge Specialists also provide training for staff where sharp edges are hand held – all certified where necessary for your health and safety records. They can also provide Edge Clinics for businesses that want to improve knife sharpness and increase yields, productivity and safety as well as operator welfare. We use the world's only objective measurement of knife sharpness to help us do this.

Whether it is advice on central sharpening for knives, our unique knife service, machine edge sharpening or a general improvement in your factory's sharp edge potential, our Edge Specialists are always available for free of charge advice. Much more importantly, they are with you all the way to make sure that advice is applied to your business in a profitable way, as our reputation depends on it.

For a free of charge audit from one of our Edge Specialists please call our customer service team on 01772 458400 or contact us by clicking here.

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