Coronavirus statement

Given the continuous media attention, coronavirus is very much at the forefront of the minds of our clients and customers.  As to be expected, we have had a small number of requests for information on how we intend to deal with potential impacts from the Covid-19 outbreak.

There are a number of potential risks to our service to you and, as a responsible supplier, we are taking this opportunity to advise how we are managing this fluid situation.

As with any business, in the first instance, we are obliged to operate within the specific government guidelines that may be issued concerning the outbreak.  Beyond this, we have a comprehensive business continuity plan that covers staff sickness epidemic, loss of access to premises and failure of significant supplier.  Contingencies are in place should any of these situations arise.

At a more operational level, the most likely short term impact is the interruption of the supply of goods from affected areas, particularly China.  As lead times from the far east are the longest in our supply chain, our procurement team has been working on mitigating these risks for several weeks already.

We currently do not expect significant problems with any particular product lines, but where we have identified specific risks, we are putting alternative supply options in place to minimise the impact for any of our customers.

Lastly, we appreciate that many of you will be drawing up plans for managing risks and potential impact at your sites.  If you have any additional measures that you require our field personnel to comply with when visiting your sites, please let us know what these measures are so we can inform our staff appropriately.

Whilst it is not possible to guarantee anything in this sort of scenario, we believe we have been both proactive and decisive to deliver the best possible service for our customers.  If you do have any specific concerns please do not hesitate to speak to your normal contact at Cutting Edge.

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You can also email with any queries you may have.

Dave Mook,
Chairman, Cutting Edge Services