Chainmail Repair Service

Chainmail Repair Service

As market leading chainmail experts, we understand that maintaining an excellent standard of body protection is highly important when it comes to protecting your workforce and minimising risks.

With 20 years of experience, our chainmail specialists provide exceptional quality chainmail repairs for gloves, gauntlets, sleeves, aprons and much more, all with the fastest turnaround in the industry.

  • High quality repair for stainless steel & titanium chainmail
  • Direct collection and redelivery throughout the UK & Ireland
  • Average turnaround within 14 days

How our Chainmail Repair Service Works

After arranging direct collection of your damaged gloves and aprons, our chainmail technicians carefully examine each item to identify all damaged links and replace worn out nylon and plastic straps.

We only use stainless steel and titanium joining links to provide maximum resistance and reliability, along with our state of the art welders to deliver an extremely durable finish. All repaired items are then thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and dispatched from our BRC accredited premises back to you in pristine condition.

As one of the only titanium glove repair specialists in the world, we repair chainmail from all leading brands including ChainExpert & Honeywell gloves, sleeves, armguards, tunics and aprons.

Please note: we don't repair disc chainmail aprons (Lamex)