Equipment calibration and maintenance records are now a mandatory requirement for both BRC and ISO Audits.

Here at Cutting Edge, we keep the same records for the equipment we use to service and sanitise that we supply to you – so we know what's involved and can provide a simple service that helps keep you compliant.

We offer a calibration service for our range of Pesutekno Sanitisers, carried out by our experienced engineers – to minimise costs it can be carried out while they are on-site servicing the Pesutekno machines or any other equipment.

Calibration ensures the machines are operating correctly, reaching the right temperature, which is then held for the correct amount of time. This ensures proper sanitisation is carried out on your equipment, and exceeds any audit requirements for sanitisation.

Upon the successful completion of the calibration process on your machines, a certificate and graph will be issued to you for your records. The graph shows the temperature reached and that it was held for at least the minimum time required for disinfection. We keep records of all the calibrations we do on file here at Cutting Edge, so replacement copies can be supplied on request.

Should your machine not satisfy the requirements of the standard then of course our engineer is already on hand to make any necessary adjustments – saving you money.

To avoid an audit non-compliance please call our Technical Coordinator on 01772 458400 extension 1007 or contact us to book your peace of mind calibration.

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