A Cutting Edge Solution

At Cutting Edge we understand downtime on machinery can be caused by a lack of sharp blades resulting in an unplanned changeover & poor quality cuts. To help you reduce these costly periods of downtime we've taken our successful Knife Service and applied the same principals to machinery blades, offering a blade management service built around you.


The Process

Sharp blades are delivered & used blades are collected.

The Process

The blades are inspected and replaced if found to be outside of your machines' tolerance. Each blade is etched with a unique reference number.

The Process

The blade is precisely sharpened to your machine manufacturers specification.

The Process

Every blade is sanitised, packed carefully and re-delivered back to you.

The Benefits

  • Improved efficiency and yields
  • Consistent quality of cuts and superb sharpness using OEM blade specifications
  • Huge cost savings over buying and sharpening your own blades
  • Wide range of blades which we manage for you with ISO compliant traceability


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