Pesutekno AHTI High Capacity Washing & Sanitising Machine

Pesutekno AHTI High Capacity Washing & Sanitising Machine
The Pesutekno AHTI is a fully-enclosed sanitising cabinet designed to clean and disinfect knives, chainmail gloves/aprons, slicer/cutter blades, cutting boards and processing machine parts The appropriate equipment is placed on trolleys at the work station and transported to the AHTI machine. After washing and disinfecting, the trolley takes them back to work areas. This system makes handling and loading easier providing a considerable time saving.

- Total disinfection on every cycle.
- No pre-cleaning necessary, load the machine straight from the line.
- Short, medium & full-cycle programmes to suit your business needs.
- Procedures can be written into your Quality Management System.
- A 'focal point' of your hygiene and knife control systems for mandatory and customer audits.
- Total equipment hygiene and peace of mind.
- Guaranteed hold above the required sanitising temperature of 82 deg C.
- Certified calibration to comply with BRC audit requirements.
- Up to 112 operators equipment sanitised per cycle.
- Also suitable for cleaning and sanitising barrels, bins, dollys and other containers.

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Subject: 70PE-AHTI Pesutekno AHTI High Capacity Washing & Sanitising Machine

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