G6 Europe

CES is part of the “G6 - European Distributors of Equipment” organisation.  G6 is a multi membership organisation that provides a platform for CES and other professional, similar European distributors to: 

  • Share ideas that individual distributors have developed.
  • Collectively develop new ideas that save money and increase customer profits.
  • Meet at leading industry specialist exhibitions, forums and seminars to keep abreast of new technology.
  • Understand legislation, manufacturing opportunities and new processing methods used in other countries that may benefit CES customers in the UK and Ireland.
  • Gain greater collective buying power to keep costs down for our customers.
  • Utilise the great knowledge and experience that the G6 group has when finding solutions for CES customers.

CES and G6 partners also have an extensive network of worldwide peers and partners who help bring innovation, cost saving products and processes to our market. Many of these peers and partners work with state of the art products in the Americas and the Southern Hemisphere.

If we don't have what you need on our website, contact us directly and we will find help for you through G6 or our other partners, that's for sure.