Automated Safety Bandsaws – Our New & Exclusive Solutions from Mainali

Two food industry workers suffer serious injuries each week, according to claims from the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA). A further 1000 minor injuries are also reported each year - a statistic that only reinforces the potential dangers of the food industry.

One of the most risk-associated tools within the industry is the bandsaw. While integral to effective food processing, bandsaws pose extreme safety risks, especially to low-skilled workers. These machines can cause serious injuries or even death, even with safeguards and safety procedures in place.

A revolution in safety bandsaw technology

At Cutting Edge we have made it our mission to offer solutions that boost safety without compromising on efficiency. This is why we are very proud to announce our partnership with world-leading manufacturers Mainali as an exclusive distributor of their superior safety bandsaw systems to the UK and Ireland. With over 20 years of experience in developing ground-breaking new safety cutting solutions, Mainali are the ideal choice for safety and efficiency focused processors.

Mainali’s sophisticated bandsaw technology is fully automated and virtually eliminates safety threats to operators. With world-class precision engineering for durability and hygiene, this new range of automated safety bandsaw offers reliability and efficiency in automated frozen product cutting and flaking, eradicating the need for direct operator intervention.

automated bandsaws designed for safety and productivity

The new Safety Bandsaw solutions from Mainali keep workers safe and improve efficiency

We are most excited to offer these innovative solutions including the RB1 Safety Bandsaw. Featuring total automation of the cutting process for a variety of frozen products, these machines use conveyers and a state-of-the-art Quick Protection System which provides a consistent solution to bandsaw safety concerns. This exciting new range also includes the Automatic Flaker, designed to safely and effectively cut flakes from frozen products, and the Automatic Bandsaw Splitter, which offers excellent precision and safety for longitudinal cutting.

These new solutions are designed to both keep operators safe and boost productivity, ensuring processing lines continue to run smoothly and securely. Supported by our fleet of field-based service engineers and specialists, these potentially life-saving machines are now exclusively available across the UK and Ireland from Cutting Edge.

To discover more about our range of Mainali solutions, including their Automatic Bandsaw, Bandsaw Splitter and Automatic Flaker, please visit: