Packaging & Labour Saving Machines - Our NEW Range from Veserkal

In what has been a remarkably transformative and exciting month for Cutting Edge, we are delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new range of labour-saving machines. Our highly sought-after Veserkal automation solutions are designed to smooth out bumps on your production line and maximise efficiency. Like all of our carefully selected partners, Veserkal is a world-leading brand that shares the values and passions of the Cutting Edge team.

With over 20 years of experience in developing machinery for the agri-food industrial sector, Veserkal’s developers have a renowned reputation for producing reliable solutions at the forefront of innovation. Their outstanding designs have been carefully crafted to improve production lines and increase profitability. At the heart of their business is a commitment to adaptation and development which makes Veserkal a natural partner to Cutting Edge.

World Leading Labour-saving Automation Machines

The Veserkal range includes a wide range of automated labelling, denesting and packaging equipment. Amongst the most innovative designs are the Automatic Interleaver machine, a highly sophisticated paper dispensing solution which offers high speed and precise processing for a variety of products. Not only can the interleaver paper roll be easily changed and replaced but the essential parts of the machine can be quickly removed for efficient cleaning. A highly versatile device, it can adapt to the specific product requirements of each customer.

Another highly innovative product within the new Veserkal range is the Tray Unstacker. This is a unique automation solution for tray denesting that ensures a regular flow of trays. It is able to denest containers of all different sizes making it extremely versatile and able to suit a multitude of production lines. With a reliable and efficient design, a single Tray Unstacker can allow processors to make significant reductions on labour costs and boasts the ability to denest an impressive 30 cycles per minute.

The Automatic Interleaver system processes up 120 units/min

The Veserkal Line Unifier is one of the most sophisticated machines in the range, featuring a compact and energy efficient solution that aims to reduce labour and improve efficiency. It works by lining up packages from multiple lines quickly and safely. Featuring variable speed settings and adaptable configurations from 1 x 1 to 6 x 2 lanes, the Line Unifier is installed with a sensor system to detect product entry and ensure a high degree of accuracy and consistency of the throughput this product promises safety and versatility.

Working in Partnership to Deliver Innovative Food Processing Solutions

Veserkal joins NOCK and Pesutekno in our growing list of partners and we are extremely proud to work with such world-class innovators and engineers. Such collaborations are integral to Cutting Edge’s mission of becoming the natural partner to the food industry. We understand the importance of innovation in this ever-changing industry and we are thrilled to have such forward-thinking brands on board. Together, we believe we can continue anticipating the future needs of food manufacturing and responding with appropriate solutions and excellent service.

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