Introducing our NEW Compact Knife Washing Cabinet

Compact Knife Washing Cabinet Find out more about our new Knife Washing Cabinet

At Cutting Edge, our two focus points are quality and innovation. Our whole product range is carefully curated around these values and we are truly passionate about the machinery we sell. This is why we’re excited to announce our latest sanitising solution: the TEHRI Compact Knife Washing Cabinet from Pesutekno.

The TEHRI is a compact yet highly efficient knife washing machine. The machine has been designed as the perfect food sanitising solution for more modest food processors. Despite its small size, the TEHRI Knife Washing Cabinet still offers excellent washing quality. The machine also boasts all the same unique features as its larger alternatives.

A Knife Washing Cabinet Designed for Modern Challenges

With a fully enclosed sanitising cabinet, the Pesutekno TEHRI machine is ideally suited for the cleaning and disinfection of knives, chainmail gloves/aprons, slicer/cutter blades, cutting boards and processing machine parts. No pre-cleaning is necessary as pieces can be loaded straight from the production line. Offering total peace of mind, it boasts up to 21 plastic knife racks, 14 stainless steel knife racks or 7 glove modules sanitised per cycle.

This totally versatile device can offer short, medium and full cycles depending upon your processing needs. The TEHRI knife sanitising machine has been meticulously designed to comply with the highest sanitary standards and has a guaranteed temperature hold above  82°C. This provides an excellent standard for your Quality Management System. The TEHRI is manufactured using high-grade stainless steel AISI 304 and is also fully compliant with BRC audit requirements.

Delivering Top Quality Knife Sanitising Solutions Together

For more than 25 years, Pesutekno Machines have been industry-leaders in the UK in partnership with Cutting Edge’s unparalleled service provision. By working in partnership with Pesutekno we offer a complete solution to clean knives, metal gloves and protective aprons amongst other food processing equipment and tools. With a simple and durable industrial design and powerful thermal disinfection, our sanitising machines have gained a world class reputation for reliability and excellent hygiene.

Our diverse sanitising range incudes Pesutekno solutions for a wide range of food processors, with time-controlled programmes along with temperature and pH monitoring systems and a choice of electric or steam heating. Pesutekno machines are designed to achieve excellent levels of hygiene and efficiency for any size or type of food processing business.

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