Tetra Pak Pioneers Personalised, Smart Food Packaging

Personalised, smart packaging is the next trend set to hit the UK’s food retail industry, according to Tetra Pak’s predictions.

The world-leading food processing and packaging company estimates that unique digital codes will be attached to all product exteriors by 2025. In the comprehensive ‘Tetra Pak Index 2018’, they explain that these codes give products a unique identifier which could be read by data scanning devices. This would then connect businesses with invaluable consumer data and open up a wide range of opportunities.

In effect, smart packaging would facilitate real time conversations between brands and consumers regarding raw materials, nutritional facts, environmental information and promotional offers. By capturing this kind of data, businesses could acquire an invaluable insight into their customers’ motivations and personalise the shopping experience even further.

Discussing the research, Alexandre Carvalho, Director of Global Marketing Services at Tetra Pak, explained; “The rise of online grocery is a great opportunity for food and beverage brands, and packaging plays a key role in supporting their success. In particular, smart packaging helps drive greater transparency and efficiency in the supply chain, up and down stream, while also enabling a direct, interactive relationship with the consumer. We believe this rapidly developing technology, tried and tested by us since 2016 and now being deployed in Europe, can help our customers explore new avenues, driving growth in the years ahead.”

Elsewhere in the report, experts discuss the overwhelming demand for sustainable packaging. With consumers more concerned than ever by environmental welfare, there is a significant pressure upon brands to adopt a social responsibility. Tetra Pak predicts that businesses will be forced to bring greater transparency to their  recycling processes and reduce their reliance upon plastic packaging.

To discover more insights from the Tetra Pak Index 2018, please visit; http://tetrapak.com/about/tetra-pak-index/tetra-pak-index-online-report

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