Moo-ve Over Veganuary: It's Time for Februdairy!

Last Thursday marked the launch of ‘Februdairy’, a social media initiative designed to showcase the positive aspects of dairy farming. The movement hopes to capitalise on the end of ‘Veganuary’ and combat the surging popularity of plant-based milk alternatives.

While the term ‘Februdairy’ was first coined last year, it has recently gained momentum following a publicity push from Dr. Jude Capper. The 2017 Dairy Industry Woman of the Year is encouraging farmers to regularly document their working days on social media throughout February. In doing so, Capper hopes to bring greater transparency to dairy production and “address obvious myths and lies being disseminated online.”

The campaign comes after a record breaking 50, 000 people across the UK participated in ‘Veganuary’. With so many consumers shunning cow’s milk in favour of soya and almond-based alternatives, the dairy industry’s future is uncertain. Capper believes the internet is to blame for this growing resistance; “The vegans I’ve been interacting with on social media have very loud voices and are keen to convert others to their lifestyle.”

To combat this anti-dairy rhetoric, Capper insists farmers must share content that defies popular misconceptions. She explains; “Often with people who oppose the dairy industry, if they can’t see it physically then they won’t believe that negative things aren’t happening – so short videos are perfect and we can all create them.”

‘Februdairy’ is the latest in a series of campaigns that aims to change the public’s perception of dairy farming. Dairy UK, AHDB and the Dairy Council recently joined forces to create the ‘Tell it Like it is’ campaign. Like ‘Februdairy’, the initiative asks farmers to utilise social media and communicate the nutritional benefits of cow’s milk. Last August, the National Farmers’ Union also ran a campaign called ‘Proud of Dairy’ to counteract vegan activism.

For more information, follow @februdairy on Twitter or visit the Dairy Council’s official website;


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